Maybe you are not currently in a place in life where you can bring foster kids into your home and that’s ok! There are dozens of ways you can still help the foster community. 

Practical Support (Care Communities)

• Take A Meal – What a blessing for a new foster parent to not have to think about cooking while transitioning a new member into their family!

• Babysitting – Foster parents need breaks! Would you be willing to give a foster parent couple a date night for a few hours? There is no licensing required to watch a foster child for less than 4 hours.

• Tutoring – Often foster children have fallen behind in school due to many different circumstances. Do you have a few hours a week you could give to help a foster child with homework or school work they are trying to get caught up on?

• Donations – When a foster child is placed into a home, they generally come with the clothes on their back and nothing more. Could you provide a new outfit for a child? Diapers? Toys?

• Cross-Cultural Support – The reality is that many foster and adoptive families will be multi-cultural and with that comes some challenges.  One of the beautiful things about being a part of a multi-cultural church is that there isn’t a foster child you could bring home that doesn’t have an ethnic counterpart at Hope Church. Maybe you could help a new foster mom with a hair type she has never experienced or speak a language to a child that is missing what is comfortable to them.

Emotional Support

We all know that practical support goes a long way but sometimes emotional support is what you really need. We would love for each foster family at Hope Church to have one family dedicated to praying just for them.

• Prayer Team – Are you interested in joining the prayer team and committing to pray for a specific foster family?

• Encouragement Team – Would you be able to drop a card in the mail or send an uplifting text or phone call to a foster parent?

• Weekly Support Group – Hope Church has a weekly support group that meets every Wednesday (there are a few exceptions) and childcare is provided for anyone that RSVPs. Our goal is that you walk out of a support meeting and don’t feel alone on this journey. Please check for dates under our 'Events' tab.  

If you're interested in joining one of these, let us know!